What’s a bodgebot?

A bodgebot is an combat robot, however it’s thoroughly ‘bodged’ - often made last minute from bits of scrap, tape and a lot of glue and costs maximum £40. It’s an opportunity to try out fun concepts and be daft with your builds. Bodgebot rules below!

Ant Bodgebots from BBB2

Bodgebots XL?

We’re doing bigger bodgebots - 500g of bodge! We want to give people a taste of the larger 1.5kg beetleweight class, but with a barn fighting style - the arena will be a rough 1.5 metre square with bumps, holes and no polycarb walls (see tip speed rules)

What to expect from the ‘arena’ - bumps, gaps, ‘walls’, housebot, uneven floor!

How do I make a robot?

A basic robot has these electronics:

• Battery - to provide power for your bot

• Speed controller - drives the motors

• Motor - to drive a wheel or weapon

• Receiver - to get a signal from your controller

Bodgebots XL Kit

We’re offering a kit that has all the electronics you need to make a drivable bot - 2 motors & wheels, a speed controller, a receiver and a battery. You’ll still need to plug it all together, solder the motors on and make a chassis and weapon. We can do this all at the hackspace on the day, just bring parts for your chassis / weapons / decorations!

BBB bodgebots XL kit for £20

If you’d like a kit, please order it asap - you need to order it before the end of 8th May (due to postage time before the event!) It’s £20 and you can order by our paypal: bristolbotbuilders.com/donate and we’ll have it ready for you at the build event.

We will have controllers and chargers to loan for the day (you may have to share controllers!) Receiver will be DSM2 so usable with controllers like Devos, blades etc.

Weapons Encouraged!

The fights are so much more fun with active weapons - you can easily add a lifter / grabber / axe with a cheap servo like this one. We may have some available for purchase on the day but do not rely on this.

Bodgebots XL Rules

Max weight: 500grams (750g for walker/shuffle bot)

No size limit

Max cost: £40

Parts that DO count to the cost:

• All major electronics (motors, receivers, speed controllers etc)

• Purchased materials (wheels, polycarb, metal etc)

Parts that DON’T count to the cost:

• Decorative parts (googly eyes, paint etc)

• 3D printed small parts (not the entire chassis!)

• Recycled materials

• Tools, Wire and shrink wrap etc

• Transmitter / Controller

General rules:

• There must be an easily accessible way to turn your robot off with one hand. (link / switch / visible battery connector)

• Liquids may not be used in combat situations.

• Your robot must be safe for combat without polycarb screens - BBB have the right to reject your robot from competing if deemed unsafe

• If winner of fight unclear, judging voted by mob rule (audience cheering)

Bodgebots XL example build

Cluster duck was a beetle cluster for UWE 2018. One duck was 500g in weight. Parts:

• The giant rubber duck was £5.

• 2 x motors + wheels cost around £5

• 2 x single speed controllers £10 (cheaper from china if you have time!)

receiver was around £4.50

• the lipo was 76p (comes in pack of 5)

Total spend £25ish.

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