Robot Home Checklist


BBB Home Checklist:

Updated 10/3/24

Even if you’re very experienced, you should go through this list before any BBB beetleweight or featherweight event to ensure your formal tech check at the event will go smoothly. If you have any questions, queries or issues, feel free to let us know, post on our forum or in our Facebook group.

Is my robot in weight?Your robot, including link and consumables (not including cradle, locking bars or sharp edge protection) should weigh no more than 1.5kg for beetle, 13.6kg for feather (see weight class specific rules for weight bonuses). If you have interchangeable setups, they must all be in weight and you should go to tech check with your heaviest installed and inform the tech checker.
Does my robot have a removable link fitted?Your robot requires a removable link, accessible from outside the robot without tools. This is so the robot can be turned on easily and turned off quickly in an emergency. Ensure the link placement on the robot is easily visible for the arena marshal. It must be placed well away from moving parts (drive & weapon)
Does my robot have a visible and dedicated power light?Your robot requires a power light. This should be run straight from the battery power line, not off another component (eg – BEC, receiver) and be easily visible from outside the robot (usually through a hole in the chassis).
Does my robot have a fuse fitted?Your robot requires a fuse in its circuit. Most people will implement this by using appropriate fuse wire in their link. The fuse should be rated below the maximum burst discharge of the battery. To calculate this discharge multiply the batteries’ C rating by the capacity in amp hours, eg 80C 650mAh lipo: 80 * 0.65 = 52A so your fuse must be rated for lower than 52 amps.
Does my robot have a dedicated locking bar?Any moving weapon requires a locking bar that completely stops motion. The locking bar must be marked as such with a tag or tape, and not used for any other purpose than locking your robot. Steel split pins are a great option and can easily be marked or have a keyring added. A clamp is not permitted. The locking bar must not be loose. The locking location on the robot must be easily visible for the arena marshal.
Am I only bringing one robot?BBB allows only one complete copy of a robot to attend an event and get tech checked. Please do not bring a full electrically and structurally complete spare/alternate robot, we will take action if discovered.
Do I have a cradle for my robot?Your robot must have a dedicated cradle which keeps all wheels off the ground when bench testing your drive.
Are my robots’ sharp edges protected?You should cover the sharp edges of your robot when it’s not in the arena. Foam is your friend!
Is my robot’s wiring safe?All of your wiring and internal solder joints should be insulated, to prevent shorting. Wires should be of an appropriate thickness for current draw of components. External wires should also be kept to an absolute minimum.
Am I charging my batteries safely?You must charge your batteries appropriately and in a lipo bag and should not be left unattended.
Does my robot failsafe?If your robot loses signal, both the drive and weapon should stop moving. To test this, with your weapon locked and wheels up on a cradle, put your drive into full forward and turn off your transmitter while still holding the stick, not releasing until the robot stops moving. If everything stops, it passes. If it does not stop, you may need to enable failsafing on your transmitter or receiver, check the manual for both.
If my robot has a spinner, is it legal and does it failsafe?You will be expected to know the stats of your components to check the tip speed of your robot is under the maximum theoretical limit of 250mph (beetles, feathers), 20mph (BEVs). Tip speed calculator here. You must be able to demonstrate your weapon can failsafe and spin down from a suitable speed within 30 seconds in the test box or arena. If you are testing this at home please take extreme care.
Does my robot have any unusual weapon systems I need to check?Pneumatics, hydraulics and internal combustion systems are rare in beetleweights. If you have them in your robot please discuss with the event organiser in advance of the event. Flames are not permitted.

Disclaimer: Building, maintaining and fighting combat robots is dangerous and comes with risk that must be assessed on a person by person basis. We cannot be held liable for any personal injury, loss of property or money from partaking in building, maintaining, repairing, testing or fighting combat robots even when following our guides and rulesets.