Competition Rules


BBB Competition Rules:

Updated 10/6/24

The BBB Code of Conduct is applicable at all events. No rules lawyering. Respect the spirit of the rules. 

Judges, referees, arena marshals & organisers decisions, counts and rule interpretations are final.

  • Fight Duration: Unless stated otherwise, fights will last 2 minutes.
  • Arena Hazards:
    • If applicable, the pit button will be available after 30 seconds.
    • Unless stated otherwise, if you touch the OOTA (Out Of The Arena) zone floor or the pit floor, you are eliminated regardless of any bouncing.
  • Pins & Grabs: Unless stated otherwise, Pins can last a maximum of 10 seconds.
    Grabs can last a maximum of 20 seconds. The Referee’s count on this is final and there must be a clear space of separation to end the count. If this does not occur see unstick rules below.
    • Pins are defined as a robot pushing another against a wall or other obstacle to restrict their movement. (no active weapon usage)
    • Grabs are defined as using some articulation which restricts the movement of another robot. Examples of this could include grabbing sticks, crushers, axes, saws and mixing bowls. (any active weapon usage)
  • Unsticks:
    • Unless stated otherwise, there are no arena unsticks – if you are jammed under arena walls/seams/pit edge you will have a 10 count for mobility. If this count ends without your robot being freed, you lose the fight.
    • Unless stated otherwise, one bot-on-bot unstick per match before the battle goes to a judge’s decision – unsticks caused by offensive means will likely count for more points with the judges than by defensive means (see Showdown judging criteria) If an unstick causes immobilisation (eg – robot in the pit) the fight will go to a judge’s decision.
  • Immobilisation:
    • Roboteers can ‘tap out’ to concede the match by tapping the arena & telling the referee.
    • A robot is counted down by a ref when it can’t move outside its turning circle and is also not in contact with other team’s robots. Contact with another team’s robot will restart the count. Once ten seconds have been ‘counted out’, the robot is considered immobilised.
    • If a robot touches the pit or out of the arena zone floor it is instantly immobilised.
    • A multi-bot entry is eliminated when 67% of their total weight has been immobilised by one of the methods mentioned above.
    • If there is any reason for a double immobilisation (such as double pitting with neither robot hitting the pit floor) the decision will go to the judges. Points could be deducted from the aggressor for causing self immobilisation (in control / weapon effectiveness).
  • Refereeing calls: Pins & Grabs: counting up. Show Movement: counting down. Ref training.
    • “Pin 10 seconds! 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 release”
    • “Grab 20 seconds! 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 release!”
    • “X robot show movement! 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 X robot eliminated”
    • “Pause” or “Cease” – stop driving your robot until further instructions.
    • The referee will call the end of fights unless it’s a safety issue. In this case the marshal may pause the fight.
    • Note: Reffing will be much more “loose” at BBB pub & BEVs events.
  • Judging: Fights are judged by 3 judges using the Showdown judging criteria – weapon effectiveness, aggression & control (credit: Ryan Bratley) Note: BBB Pub & BEVs events are typically judged by mob rule (audience cheering volume)
  • Sportsmanship: If you are judged to be displaying unsportsmanlike behaviour or any other actions which breach our code of conduct, the event organisers are entitled to take action including but not limited to disqualification or in extreme cases, asking you to leave the premises.

Disclaimer: Building, maintaining and fighting combat robots is dangerous and comes with risk that must be assessed on a person by person basis. We cannot be held liable for any personal injury, loss of property or money from partaking in building, maintaining, repairing, testing or fighting combat robots even when following our guides and rulesets.