Event Safety Checklist

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BBB Event Safety Checklist:

Updated 10/3/24
Venue Requirements:
  • Event Insurance: Public Liability Insurance covering robot combat
  • Risk Assessment: To provide venue and staff with precautions and procedures for hazards and risk of injury
  • Fire exits: Should not be blocked and easily accessible from the arena door. Extractor fan hose should also be routed through here.
  • Arena space: At least a one meter distance between the arena and spectators on all sides. Plenty of venue space to ensure clear access.
  • Power: Adequate power should be provided, not overloading venue sockets. Organiser providing extension plugs recommended.
  • Pit space (tables & chairs): Adequate space should be provided to each competitor at good working height, preferably at least half a folding table worth (~75x90cm) and a chair per competitor.
Equipment Requirements:
  • Large Ammo box: Suitable for fitting large beetleweights, near arena.
  • Fire extinguisher: Dry powder recommended, near arena.
  • Hook / Broom: To bring the robots to the door for far safer disarming – also for arena cleanup (+ dustpan and brush)
  • PA Speaker System: Sufficient volume to hear arena start / pause / cease. Also useful to call up roboteers to ready table.
  • First Aid Box: Preferably someone on the team first aid trained.
  • Extension Plugs: Decent length extension plugs to multiple parts of the pit area for roboteers to plug into
  • Hazard Tape or similar: Tape down major cables eg – extension cables, audio.Clearly marked walkways / one meter space around arena
  • Weighing Scales: Accurate weighing scales – recommended with external screen. Recommended 500g calibration weight.
  • Test Box: Available for spinup tech checks and retesting robots throughout the day. Ideally supervised. Remind roboteers to use to test failsafing when components have been replaced (ESCs, receivers)
Volunteer Staff Requirements (individuals can fulfill multiple roles):
  • Dedicated Referee + relief: At least one active and one relief for the event assigned to reffing the fights – see ref training. Recommend 2 refs for three-day fights.
  • Dedicated Arena Marshal + relief: At least one active and one relief for the event assigned to marshalling the arena (loading/unloading bots and operating the arena)
  • 2+ Tech Checkers: Checks ran by trained tech checkers. Quick checklist for tech checkers.
  • 3+ Arena Setup/Packdown Crew: At least 3 volunteers assigned to build and pack down the arena
  • 1+ Dedicated Runner: Making roboteers aware of when their fight is coming up, reordering fights when repair time is needed.

Disclaimer: Building, maintaining and fighting combat robots is dangerous and comes with risk that must be assessed on a person by person basis. We cannot be held liable for any personal injury, loss of property or money from partaking in building, maintaining, repairing, testing or fighting combat robots even when following our guides and rulesets.