Code of Conduct


BBB Code of Conduct:

Updated 18/03/24

We all have a responsibility to promote high standards of behaviour in robot combat. The behaviour of all attendees has an impact on the reputation of robot combat and of everyone involved in it – both in and out of the arena. Bristol Bot Builders have always tried to maintain an ‘everyone is welcome’ attitude at our events but there are unfortunately times where this is not possible or appropriate.

  • Should an incident occur at a BBB event, it is BBB’s responsibility to carry out any investigation and take any action deemed by them to be necessary.
    • BBB can only be responsible for incidents that occur at BBB events and it is essential incidents are reported quickly and fully. 
    • Report forms (example below) will be available virtually or physically at our events to be filled by BBB crew members upon any report. 
    • These reports will be held by BBB and may be shared with the reported parties with some details anonymised. 
  • Should an incident be brought to the attention of BBB from a non BBB event, we will take input from those Event Organisers where appropriate.
  • Online incidences can only be investigated and actioned upon by BBB if carried out in our online spaces (eg- Forum & Facebook group). They should otherwise be reported to the organiser of that space, who can pass on their findings to us.

As we are a volunteer organisation for a fantastic community, we request attendees consider this process as a last resort.
BBB will always consider personal disagreements when planning set pit spaces – please contact us via email if you wish to be distanced from another participant at an event with set pit tables (usually beetleweight competitions)

Examples of misconduct include but are not restricted to: 

  • theft or fraud; 
  • dishonesty towards BBB or its crew; 
  • physical or verbal abuse or bullying; 
  • deliberate damage to property; 
  • misuse of an organisation’s or individual’s property or name; 
  • deliberate discrimination or harassment; 
  • serious incapability at an event brought on by alcohol or drugs; 
  • causing loss, damage or injury through serious negligence or neglect; 
  • a breach of event rules, especially when leading to a health and safety risk or a competitive advantage;
  • undue pressure or stress upon event organisers or crew.

The individual(s) will have the right to respond to any allegations and offer any evidence on their behalf.

After the investigation, should the allegation of misconduct be upheld, disciplinary actions will be imposed depending upon the seriousness of the act. This is including but not limited to

  • Disqualification from an event;
  • Suspension from BBB events for a fixed event number or time limit;
  • A permanent suspension from BBB events. 

If suspended, the individual(s) cannot attend BBB events in any way, including as a teammate, guest or spectator. If this becomes the case, the individual(s) and their associates will be asked to leave, the disciplinary action will be increased and the incident will be logged and passed onto other event organisers.

The individual(s) will have the right to appeal against any disciplinary action imposed upon them to the Fighting Robots Association (FRA). The decision arising from any appeal will be final and binding. A written report of all cases will be retained by BBB as a permanent record and may be shared with the reported parties with some details anonymised. If required it will be released to any legal representative should legal action be taken by either party. 

As this Code of Conduct has been introduced several years into the lifespan of BBB, we are starting on the following terms. Anyone currently banned from BBB events remains banned. All others are given a temporary clean slate.  The Code of Conduct is liable to change at any point with no warning, including retroactively. By attending a Bristol Bot Builders event, you agree to the Bristol Bot Builders Code of Conduct and that you may be contacted via the email address you sign up to events with, with regards to the Code of Conduct.

Incident Report Form:

Incident Report FormReport taken by crew member: The reporter understands this report will be held by BBB, details passed onto the reportee and any incidents breaking the law must be reported to the police by the reporter
Description of incident

Follow up action (discussed with other crew: ___________)☐ Further discussion with organisers at later date
☐ Conflict resolution discussion with parties
☐ Verbal warning
☐ Asked to leave and further event ban

Disclaimer: Building, maintaining and fighting combat robots is dangerous and comes with risk that must be assessed on a person by person basis. We cannot be held liable for any personal injury, loss of property or money from partaking in building, maintaining, repairing, testing or fighting combat robots even when following our guides and rulesets.